About the Glenn, COVID and meeting family for the first time

We wrote a new post a bit over two weeks ago and it was sitting in the drafts. We were only supposed to add some photos and it was ready to go. However, we never posted. Evelyn was doing alright, but we got COVID. Which meant that we have had to isolate for almost two weeks – and Loey still is in iso. Intan thankfully only had mild symptoms and is back to visiting Evelyn in the hospital. Loey unfortunately had some more severe symptoms, especially in combination with his asthma. It was a very hard two weeks for us for sure, both physically and emotionally. We are thankful that the worst of COVID is behind us now and hopeful that there won’t be any long-term effects.

Evelyn is doing good! She has even finally grown a bit and now weights 4kgs. In the time we were home, she got another infection, but this one didn’t hit her that hard. The hospital also arranged for family to be able to visit her in our place, so she wouldn’t be alone for all this time. Every day, one person could visit her. So that was definitely a positive in a negative situation – she met some of her grandparents for the first time, some of her aunties and uncles. We are so ready for her to meet the rest of the family too! For example, she is yet to meet Loey’s brother, Intan’s father and stepfather and stepmother. Even though her situation in the hospital isn’t easy, she is in good spirits and is alert and smiling. She is a strong one.

Earlier this week we heard the news that she will get the Glenn procedure this Thursday! The surgeons will also repair her Tricus Pedalis valve. Last Friday she got a CT scan to ensure the surgeons know exactly how her vessels and arteries have developed. They have done ultrasounds weekly, but a CT gives more detailed information. This is a big surgery, and therefore a bit scary, but it should really help her development. She has barely grown since birth and these last weeks were a positive surprise, but it’s still not a lot of growth. After surgery, her heart needs to work circa 30% less hard than it does now, so she should be able to grow more afterwards. And hopefully she can recover well in the hospital and then come home for the first time; that is what we are really hoping for!

But first the Glenn and valve repair. And the recovery that comes with it. So thanks for praying with us for a successful surgery and good recovery. Thanks for all your sweet messages, your meals and flowers. Your support means the world to us. And we are proud we have so many amazing friends and family with whom we can share Evvy once she is out of hospital.

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