A Wild Couple of Weeks

Hi all! It has been a couple of weeks since we wrote an update and a lot has happened. Honestly, 2021 seems like the year that keeps on giving and not in the best way. More on that in this post. In the midst of it all we feel covered by grace and there is a lot to be thankful for.

Roughly a month ago we wrote our last post and we were still in the hospital. It would take another week or so before we were discharged. Evelyn, our HLHS warrior, was getting better by the day, but because she was getting a new medication for her heart (enalapril) and the right dosage needed to be found. That last week felt so long. Obviously, we feel grateful that Evelyn was in such good care. On the other hand, we saw our girl having become completely herself again whilst having to stay in our hospital room. We were thankful when we were finally discharged on October 1st and could go home!

One of the reasons it stressed us out a bit is because we were starting a new location of our church in the downtown area of Amsterdam. It felt like a race to find out whether we as location pastors would be able to even be there, but luckily we did. We were supposed to start this location a year ago, but as you might know, there has been a lot going on. That feels like an understatement if any. But we feel God has been present in our every moment and we are ready to go, as is the whole team.

Evelyn has been doing well since we got home. Just a week ago, she started to turn from her tummy to her back for the first time! We need to keep on practicing with her, but it felt like a huge moment for us! Also, she is teething! Her bottom two incisors have almost fully emerged and we think her upper incisors are starting out too now.

We were struggling a bit with her milk though. As she has not been gaining weight for some time and the breast milk we saved is running out, we needed to figure out what works for her diet. As she still needs to grow a lot – she only weighs about 6kg right now, we were recommended to try diet milk that contains more calories per mL, called Infatrini. After trying this for some time, it was clear that she spit significantly more often than before, after almost every feed. Throw in a stomach bug, and we didn’t know whether she was throwing up because of the bug or because of the milk, but probably both. Her dietician indicated she might still have problems breaking down casein proteins, so she has gone back to Nutrilon Pepti MCT. This has been working a lot better. She is currently drinking better and also eating better than ever before! So that’s encouraging.

That stomach bug also found its way to mom and dad, just before the second service in our new location. We are thankful for a strong team around us. We made it to church, but definitely not on full strength. One week later, it seems like the physical obstacles keep on popping up. During a five-a-side football match, Loey ruptured his Achilles tendon. So he is now wearing a cast and needs to wear it for six weeks. Especially the first two weeks, it made him immobile as he needs to keep his foot up. We are thankful that he can work fully from home. But please pray for Intan, as she is now a lot busier as Loey can’t help out with taking care of Evvy or doing things around the house.

He also missed out on the third service of our new location, which was a good service. At least he could be there last Sunday. There is something really nice about starting a new location, building that community, and knowing everybody by name. We see new people finding us, walking in, and becoming part of the community. And it’s a beautiful process to be a part of – a true privilege.

So please continue praying for us: for Evvy to continue growing, developing, and to start gaining weight again. For Loey to heal properly and quickly and for supernatural strength for Intan as she needs to carry more these weeks. Thanks for being a part of our journey and for praying for us!

Much love,

Loey, Intan & Evelyn

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